Services to Expect with Professional Lawn Care

When you hire professionals such as ours at Philco Pressure Washing & Lawn Care, you can expect a wide variety of services for your landscape. After all, our priority is to make sure your lawn looks great all throughout the year. Some of the top services that we are proud to offer include:

Lawn Mowing
Don’t have a lawn mower? Or do you want to avoid investing in one because you don’t have the time to mow your own lawn? By hiring a professional, you can enjoy someone doing this for you with equipment they bring to the job.

Watering and Recovery
If you have brown spots on your grass or areas that need to be recovered, our team can help. We understand what it takes to enhance the health of your lawn and make it lush and green when the weather accommodates.

To keep a lawn healthy, the plants and trees that are on it must be kept healthy too. This is why our landscapers offer comprehensive services that include trimming your shrubs and trees. This will help keep your outdoor space looking great and growing beautifully when the weather is nice.

If you want to have sod installed for the first time, our team can help. They understand the steps that need to be taken to properly plant grass and have it thrive. After that, they can help with maintaining your lawn as well.

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